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We believe

There is intelligence in nature that can't be found on a screen, or in an app. It cycles and shifts, breaks down and rebuilds, all without creating waste, or causing harm. There is so much we can learn from nature's silent wisdom—its *magic*—so much beauty and goodness we can tap into, when we choose to listen.

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than they seek." John Muir

We created COVE to bring the scents, feelings, and experiences that connect us with nature, into our homes—and in doing so, kindle our appreciation for the natural world, and our passion to protect it. 

We make

Combining potent botanicals, plant knowledge, and modern science, we create simpler soaps for a more beautiful life.

COVE soaps are made with all-natural, vegan, biodegradable ingredients, and reusable materials wherever possible. More importantly, they're made without harsh detergents, chemicals that take millennia to break down, animal fats and byproducts found in other natural soaps, and foaming agents that can be harmful to your skin and the environment.

We protect

We do not test on animals (and find it mind-boggling that any brand would). We make cruelty-free choices in our product development, and unlike other castile soaps, we do not use palm kernel oil because its cultivation leads to the destruction of our rainforests.