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Simpler soaps we can all
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Finding clean products for your home and body can feel like a full-time job. We've made it our mission to take the guesswork out of clean. For your health, and ours. And planet Earth’s, too.

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Great lather and Moisturizing!
I received my Castile soap today and my first instinct was to smell it and it smells amazing! I’m glad I got it in tea rose scent. It’s a very natural, soft scent perfect for people sensitive to smells. I washed my hands with it to test how it lathers and it lathers with no problems. My hands felt clean and not overly dry like some soaps do, I have extremely dry skin and I’m glad this soap is gentle enough for me.

- Jacqueline

Unscented, Orange, and Lavender
I love this Castile soap! I recently ventured out to other Castile soap brands and this one is by far the best! The unscented takes on scents very well from whatever essential oils are your favorite. I also tried the orange and while it was nice it wasn’t very strong in scent. I then tried lavender and it’s wonderful! I bathed my 5month old with the lavender and it was so refreshing to have a natural and organic scent. The recipes on the side of the bottle are great!

- Jacob A. Jenkins

Excellent product! Really UNSCENTED!
Excellent UNSCENTED product! It can be used for any cleaning need and it’s eco friendly! We’re so pleased, sooo much better than others we’ve tried. Our new favorite! Would definitely recommend this product and will purchase it again.

- Waltswife

Really all-purpose natural soap
Very nice. Mild, but effective. The fragrance is pleasant without being overwhelming. (And no propaganda label like certain other brands!) I’m allergic to detergents, so I use this for dishes, hands, household cleaning and delicate laundry, and it works well for it all.

- Kyn

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