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Pest-free plants in 3 simple steps.

As if just keeping plants alive wasn't hard enough, there's always a chance you and your beloved philodendron will find yourselves up against a full-on insect infestation. One day you're standing back thinking, "Maybe I have a green thumb after all." And the next you're the proud owner of a browning, bug-covered shrub. So, what should you do if your plants are under invasion? First thing's first: don't freak out. At least not about the plant. How you respond to bugs is entirely up to you. But take heart knowing that most plant parents will deal with insects at some point. Even if you do everything you can to prevent infestation in the first place—inspecting plants before you buy them,...

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Shave yourself! Make shaving less of a pain with these 2 things.

Recent studies have shown that people who love shaving all have one thing in common: they don't exist. Really, though. What's to love about balancing on one foot in the shower while doing everything you can to not a) cut yourself or b) miss your ankle completely? It doesn't matter if we're talking legs or armpits or any of the other bits that regularly meet with razor, shaving is a pain. Most of the results are smooth and glorious, but come on. We have way more enjoyable things to do. Like, cleaning the oven. Thankfully, there are a few things that can help make shaving a touch less painful. At the top of the list: a shave soap that provides...

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What's so great about Castile soap, anyway? A (skeptical) beginner's guide.

Chances are you've come across that busy blue bottle with all the writing on it. Or, perhaps you have a friend who's been hardcore Castile for years. Maybe you've even washed your hands with it in said friend's bathroom, and walked out, squeaky clean but slightly baffled. Whatever your level of knowledge, setting out on your own Castile soap journey can be daunting. Do you start with your hair, or your French Bulldog’s? Wash the floor, or your body? DIY some laundry detergent? Make your car sparkle? Let's take a step back and start with: What is Castile soap? Castile soap originated in—where else?—Castile, Spain. It comes in liquid or bar form, and is made solely from plant oils. No...

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