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Hand holding melting strawberry ice cream in cone

Life's meant to get messy.

It's proof that you're living. Dishes on dishes mean an epic meal was had. (Let's hope.) Mountains of laundry mean you’re hitting those gym goals. (Or a personal best in procrastination.) Mess comes with the territory when you're living life to the fullest. And in that sense, it’s a good thing. Let's be clear: cleaning still stinks. But if you have products that keep cleaning simple, products you know you can trust, it's doable. What shouldn't be a mess is the stuff we use to clean up. Unfortunately, a lot of soaps and cleaning products pack some dirty little secrets.

Citrus liter bottle laying in soil

Soap should be clean.

The way we see it, any soap that contains harsh detergents, foaming agents or synthetic chemicals that are harmful to the skin and the environment, is not clean. Soap that tests on animals, or uses animal fats and byproducts? That's a mess. Soap that contains palm oil, the cultivation of which can lead to the destruction of rainforests, well, that's all kinds of a mess. Our mission with Cove is to keep clean simple by making soaps and other products we can all trust and love to use. That's what we mean by soap that's not a mess.

Toy giraffe standing on plant leaf

Plants first. Cruelty-free always.

Cove is made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients like organic coconut, argan, jojoba, hemp and olive oils, and organic essential oils. We combine these potent botanicals with modern science to create simpler, multi-purpose soaps for busy, beautifully messy lives. No gross chemicals or synthetic colors and fragrances. Just gentle, effective soaps that keep everyone’s health—humans, animals and the earth alike—in mind.

We got this.

We truly believe Cove makes cleaning more pleasing. (Notice how we didn’t go so far as to say "fun". It is still cleaning, after all.) We hope you and your family, your pets and the planet, will find Cove makes life more pleasing, too.