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Shave yourself! Make shaving less of a pain with these 2 things.

by The Nitty Gritty Team

Recent studies have shown that people who love shaving all have one thing in common: they don't exist. Really, though. What's to love about balancing on one foot in the shower while doing everything you can to not a) cut yourself or b) miss your ankle completely?

It doesn't matter if we're talking legs or armpits or any of the other bits that regularly meet with razor, shaving is a pain. Most of the results are smooth and glorious, but come on. We have way more enjoyable things to do. Like, cleaning the oven. Thankfully, there are a few things that can help make shaving a touch less painful. At the top of the list: a shave soap that provides a nice, rich lather and no gross chemicals (we're looking at you, isobutane), and a razor that's as gentle on the planet as it is on your skin.

First up, the suds. You could spend your hard-earned cash on a cream, foam or gel that claims to be formulated specifically for shaving. Drug store aisles are packed with them, and they're fancy. Sometimes even sparkly. And we get it—anything to make shaving less terrible.

But consider this: buying a special shave soap isn't just unnecessary, many contain ingredients that can actually irritate your skin. Triethanolamine, polyethelene glycol, and isobutane, as well as the usual cosmetic bad guys "fragrance", SLS and SLES, to name a few. 

A special shave soap also means one more bottle, tube or can that's going straight in your trash, and onto a landfill. And we know those things are beyond max capacity already.

Our shaving solution of choice? Castile liquid soap. Simplifying your shave with a multi-purpose Castile soap like Cove lets you skip the gimmicks, questionable ingredients, and excess packaging of commercial shave creams. Made from certified organic coconut, argan, jojoba, hemp and olive oils—no gross stuff—it's biodegradable and gentle on skin.

Like a scented shave? You might also like that Cove scented Castile soaps get their good smells from nature, not a lab, thanks to certified organic essential oils. Choose Cove Lavender or Tea Rose if you like a soothing floral scent, or Cove Peppermint or Citrus if you need an energizing, uplifting aroma to help you get the razor moving. 

The second most important part of a good shave is, of course, the razor.

If you haven't made the switch from plastic disposables to a more sustainable piece of hair removal hardware, now is the time. We love a safety razor, like the beauties from well kept, for a number of reasons: 

  1. They're pretty. Sure, it's superficial, but so is hair removal. 
  2. They provide a superior shave with reduced irritation because the blade is so precise it only requires one pass across skin. 
  3. They're sustainable and plastic-free. Disposable razor refill packaging alone is enough to make you cry before even stepping foot in the shower. 
  4. They're more cost effective in the long run. A good quality safety razor is an investment up front, but they're made to last, with handles made from solid brass. Think of how much you'll save not having to buy refill after refill. 

And that's that. Dare we say we're almost excited for shorts season now? 

Keep smooth simple, friends.

Your top tips for making shaving less painful. We need 'em below. Go, go! 

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