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Press start on a fresh new year.

by The Nitty Gritty Team

This year, we’re wiping the slate clean and recommitting to keeping things simple. Want to join us? Here are 21 ways to start the year fresh.

  1. Breathe deep.
    Right now, yes. This is a long list to get through. But also, make a habit of slowing down, closing your eyes, and breathing deep into your belly a few times each day.

  2. Simplify.
    Cutting clutter can work wonders for your mental health. Get rid of what you don’t need, and be mindful when shopping for something new. Do you need it? Like, really need it?

  3. Go cruelty-free.
    You might be surprised how many products still test on animals. Check a website like Leaping Bunny before you buy to avoid supporting brands that test on animals.

  4. Skip the detox.
    Or don’t. You do you, of course. But remember, it’s never too late to rethink that celery juice cleanse. Maybe something less extreme and more sustainable is the way to go.

  5. Reach out.
    Family, friend, third grade teacher who always made you feel ahead of the class — try reconnecting with someone you’ve lost touch with and enjoy all the feels.

  6. Let go.
    Family, friend, coworker who always makes you feel less than incredible — give yourself permission to let go of relationships that take more from you than they give.

  7. Reflect.
    Whether you keep a journal or not, the new year is a great time to look back on where you’ve been, and make note of what you want to work towards in the year to come.

  8. Commit.
    To something. Anything. Regular exercise, eating more greens, keeping your workspace tidy — commit to something and see how good it feels to see it through.

  9. Play.
    It’s not just for kids. When’s the last time you did something just for the fun of it? If it’s been a while, grab a crayon and pencil something into that serious schedule of yours.

  10. Give back.
    There are so many ways to connect with your community and give back what you can. Donate money. Donate time by volunteering. You’ll benefit from it as much as anyone.

  11. Veg up.
    Maybe you try the “meatless Mondays” approach. Maybe you don’t eat meat at all, ever. Cutting back is good for you, animals, and the environment. Plus, lentils are pretty tasty.

  12. Go wild.
    Spending time with pets has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety in humans. Consider adopting a new pal or offer to pet-sit a furry friend of a friend or loved one.

  13. Prepare.
    A little planning can help you keep the fresh start feeling going all year long. Do meal prep to keep your week tasty and nutritious, or set some goals to hit in the month ahead.

  14. Try something new.
    We can easily get stuck in our ways and routines as we get older. Channel your inner kid and see how it feels to try that thing you’ve always wanted to try but still haven’t.

  15. Do something old.
    We can also easily lose touch with things we used to love as we get older. Channel your inner kid once again and reconnect with something you used to love to do.

  16. Step up.
    Literally. Take the stairs, if and when you can. Anytime. Everytime. Bonus points if you’re carrying groceries.

  17. Hydrate.
    Sip sip sip, all day everyday. Sounds simple but it makes such a difference.

  18. Work it out.
    The new year is a great time to freshen up your exercise routine with some new moves. What’s the opposite of your regular workout? Maybe start there.

  19. Take a bath.
    Research shows a hot bath can help people fall asleep 10 minutes faster and have a better quality snooze. Add a little Cove Lavender into the tub and drift off to dreamland.

  20. Power down.
    You don’t need us to tell you screen-time is an energy suck. Think about how you would rather spend your precious time — reading, resting, with family — and try to stick with it.

  21. Clean up.
    A fresh and tidy home can keep you feeling motivated and energized. Give everything a good wipe down with your favorite Cove, then get out there and take 2021 by the bottles!

Speaking of clean — now’s a good time to refresh your supply of cruelty-free Cove.

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