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The Cove Gift Guide 🎁

by The Nitty Gritty Team

Made with certified organic coconut, argan, jojoba, olive and hemp oils, Cove Castile soaps make a thoughtful gift you maybe never would have thought of. 

We’ve put together a Gift Guide to help you set anyone on your list up for a sparkling year ahead, with a bottle of multi-purpose, cares-as-it-cleans Cove. 

Energizing: Peppermint

Put some pep in their holiday step. Our all-natural Peppermint Castile soap, infused with organic peppermint essential oil and cooling organic menthol, packs a one-two punch that will wake up even the sleepiest of elves. 

Calming: Lavender

Gift a bottle of peace and quiet. Our all-natural Lavender Castile soap is infused with soothing organic lavender essential oil. Perfect for adding to a hot bath, or to wash bedding and bring on those sweet, sugarplum dreams.  

Minimal: Unscented

Wrap up something clean and simple. Made without any essential oils, our all-natural Unscented Castile soap is an extra mild formula that’s perfect for sensitive skin, pets and babies of all ages. (Hey, the holidays can bring out the baby in all of us.)

Lively: Citrus

Voted “Most Jolly” by its fellow Cove scents. Our all-natural Citrus Castile soap is infused with organic sweet orange essential oil to uplift the holiday spirits. Makes a delightful body wash, or can be used to spruce up the house and make it smell like home sweet ho-ho-home. 

Classic: Tea Rose

Because the smell of gingerbread isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Infused with organic tea rose essential oil, our all-natural Tea Rose Castile soap is perfect for anyone who prefers a timeless scent. Move over poinsettias, there’s a new holiday bloom in town.

Purifying: Tea Tree

After the party is the clean-up party. This might be everyone’s favorite by the time the holidays wrap up. Our all-natural Tea Tree Castile soap is infused with organic tea tree oil for a deep yet gentle clean. Perfect for perfectionists, or those who want to purify after over-indulging. 

A gifting tip:

We all benefit from balance, especially around the holidays. Consider gifting your loved ones their Cove opposite. For example, surprise that cool cucumber of yours with a bottle of invigorating Cove Peppermint. Or, help your favorite busy-bee chill out with a bottle of calming Cove Lavender.

Warm wishes, clean dishes.


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